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Who We Are: Welcome

Who We Are

A public-private-people partnership to tackle online harms.

We are the Sunlight AfA. We are especially concerned about technology facilitated gender-based harassment issues such as the non-consensual one-to-many publication of images and personal details online; unwelcomed one-to-one interactions online, ranging from sexual harassment to online grooming; and the existence of online platforms that encourage vice and harm.

The Sunlight AfA supports the Digital for Life movement and the wider inter-agency conversations on women’s development. It was launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) in July 2021, following a series of conversations since February 2021 that engaged more than 300 stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, including those from corporate firms, technology companies, community organisations, the legal community, the academia, the media industry, parents and youths. 

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AFA Workstreams

Public Education

To look into developing educational resources, workshops and campaigns for various target audiences.


To look into scoping and conducting studies, including understanding emerging trends and developing localised scales to measure digital safety.

Victim Support

To look into counselling, psychological and legal support.

Youth Engagement

To look into campus advocacy initiatives and peer support networks.


To identify areas where volunteers from the wider community could play a role.

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Sunlight AfA Logo.png

About the Logo

The stylised “G” is designed to resemble a light shining down to cast a brighter glow, an expression of how the Sunlight AfA hopes to create an impact on the ground by shining light on dark, digital safety gaps. The emphasis on the circles also symbolise the unity of a community coming together to empower women and girls to identify, stand up and support one another against acts of online harms.

This logo was designed by one of the Sunlight AfA members.

Who We Are: Bio

Learn More About Us Here!

Who We Are: Bio
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