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Safety Features & Programmes : Bio

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Safety Features and Resources


  • Support for victims of non-consensual intimate image (NCII) abuse: is a tool that empowers people around the globe to proactively thwart the non-consensual sharing of their intimate images on participating tech companies’ platforms.

Resources for Parents


Safety Features

  • Family Link is a downloadable app, that helps parents stay in the loop as their child explores the internet on a compatible device and for parents to set digital ground rules for their child’s screen time.

  • SafeSearch helps filter out explicit results when enabled and is already on by default for all signed-in users under 13 who have accounts managed by Family Link.

  • Google Security Checkup provides personalised security recommendations for your Google Account.


  • Be Internet Awesome, in partnership with the Media Literacy Council, where primary schools in Singapore are encouraged to educate students to be safe online. 

  • ASEAN Digital Literacy Programme, where provided ASEAN Foundation with a USD1.5 million grant to implement a two-year programme, equipping 1,000+ trainers across ten ASEAN countries with media and information literacy skills to train 100,000+ beneficiaries, including in Singapore.


Safety Guides 

  • The Guardian’s Guide on TikTok's Safety Centre provides an overview of TikTok and the many tools and controls built into the product to keep TikTok's community safe. The guide also provides general information on common internet safety concerns. 

  • TikTok’s Youth Portal features best practices for personal privacy and account security, and shares with youths how they can be good digital citizens. 

  • TikTok's Family Safety Toolkit, developed in partnership with the DQ Institute, contains tips and tools for parents to help their teens stay safe online. 

  • TikTok’s Bullying Prevention Guide provides support for teens, caregivers, and educators looking for information to identify and address bullying and related forms of abuse.

  • The Wellness Hub is a one-stop resource portal with educational short-form video content and fun quizzes that help TikTok creators understand how they can stay safe online. 


Twitter has in place several safety features to empower people to participate in the public conversation safely. For example:

  • Mute: You can mute accounts, words or conversations to stop seeing content or notifications.

  • Notification Filters: Notification filters allow you to control what you see and who you interact with. 

  • Hide Replies: You can hide replies to your Tweets. 

  • Block: You can control who sees your Tweets and what Tweets you see by blocking accounts.

  • Conversation Controls: You can control your conversation by choosing who can reply to your Tweets. 

Find out more about Twitter’s efforts to keep the platform safe here


Learn more about WhatsApp's Safety Features here.


Safety Features


Safety Features & Programmes : List
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