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What should I do if I encounter harmful online content?

Have you encountered any of the following situations on social media or messaging platforms?

  • You see or receive harmful, illegal or offensive content

  • Your personal details have been shared without your consent

  • Your image/video has been used inappropriately (e.g photoshopped/edited on other content)

  • Your image/video has been uploaded without your consent  

If you or someone you know has, you can make a report.

With the help of our AfA members from technology companies, we have compiled a list of reporting channels on various platforms where inappropriate or offensive content will be reviewed and may be removed.

There are also safety features and programmes by platforms to enable a safer online experience for our young.

Please see HERE for the reporting channels and HERE for the safety features and programmes.

The Singapore Council of Women's Organisations (SCWO) has also put together resources and support materials HERE.

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Sunlight AfA 8 February 2022 Webinar

Resources: Video

Sunlight AfA 25 March 2022 Webinar

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MCI x DBS x SG Judiciary
Hackathon for a Better World

DBS, the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), and the Singapore Judiciary announced the winners of Hackathon for a Better World 2021, at a virtual event held on 28 Oct 2021. The event also saw the launch of a resource package containing 28 ideas that the community can implement to foster safer and kinder online spaces. These ideas were generated by participants of Hackathon for a Better World 2021, a community hackathon jointly organised by DBS, MCI and the Singapore Judiciary, which saw 28 teams tackling the challenges of online harms over two months of intense research and solutioning.

See All Submissions Below!
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Sunlight Research

Coming Soon!

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